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We are NQ

Nature's Intelligence

Product portfolio

We started with the development and sales of cosmetics in the form of CBD oil sprays and CBD balms for foreign brands for the EU and global markets. We are helping our customers to create remarkable brands with our white/private label services at the right prices with the right message. With knowledge and processes in place, we have ensured the highest quality of products complying with pharmaceutical standards, which is our advantage over our competitors in the industry. We are highly knowledgeable in a sector characterized by complex regulations and very adaptable and agile to respond to changes in regulations.

With this in mind and being persuaded that with 2021 the regulation will become stricter and demanding with respect to quality and compliance, we decided to launch our line of high-quality CBD products.


The first focus of NQ is to fill the market with products that are widely known, but with improved formulations and convenient dosing solutions. Parallel with this we will develop White Label production for brands in the EU.

In the second phase, our focus will be on innovative cosmetic products. Like the one for women’s intimate care. The main guidelines here are top quality and innovative areas. Because these products are more complex our production will be healed by quality production partners, ideally with pharma certificates.

In final stage or plan is to penetrate drug products. The market here is just about to open and regulation is still in development. We already build some strategic partnerships and alliances across Europe to be ready for penetrating this market. Our main focus in this segment is products based on extracts and raw material supply.


Since we only have one liveable planet, everyone has to play a part in preserving the environment.

To that end, we decide to be eco-friendly and one important thing you can do is use sustainable and reusable packaging. We’re in the business of selling goods to consumers, so we use a lot of different materials whenever you pack and ship products. But the first step is also how people are using products. For this purpose, we develop a complete reusable pack. We offer a bottle with a pipet that can be used individually, or the customer can (re)fill an additional spray bottle. This spray bottle is super handy for everyday use.


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Science based solutions oriented to the cannabis industry.

The NQ story

A great number of coincidences brought three individuals with the same desire to work on well-being together. At the same time, they realize that knowledge and experiences from their background could help them achieve this goal faster. The result was NQ company with a focus on high-quality natural products.

Each of the founders brings all their experiences and knowledge into the story. From starting up something from scratch through managing big organizations, international sales to Pharma and cannabis industry expertise. Teams’ biggest advantages are cooperation, strong social network, and understanding of the market situation.


Company partners share extensive experience in the field of Life Science, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic and Cannabis industries in renowned companies’ sectors. Our team has expertise from product development to manufacturing, sales and distribution in the entire Health Care sector both in public and privately-owned companies.

We combine our past experience with today’s and future’s knowledge of cannabis plant science and its medicinal and cosmetic use. We listen to the profession and the public, who are in demand for greater access to quality products that are supported by expert information. We regularly attend and take active participation to worldwide conferences focused on cannabis and natural products.

NQ is a premium CBD label of natural products that help your body achieve more balance.

We reward our fans.

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